19th February 2019 

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Belsize Park
Counselling and Psychotherapy. summer

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Therapy is an opportunity to discover the potential we have to live a full and rewarding life. It can be a short-term process that focuses on a specific problem, or it can be more long-term, allowing the client to explore his/her life on a deeper level. Psychotherapy and Counselling both involve talking to someone who is trained to listen without criticism or judgement. Counselling deals with specific life issues, problems that need to be resolved in a short period, whereas psychotherapy addresses deep-rooted issues that may have been repressed or suppressed for many years. These are often issues that have arisen as a result of childhood wounding. The long-term goal of psychotherapy is to help the client process the belief systems and patterns that are currently preventing him/her from living life to its fullest.

Clients come to see Gary with problems that affect different areas of life such as:

• Eating disorders, addiction, depression, insomnia.
• Stress and burn-out, interpersonal difficulties, lack of motivation.
• Loneliness, abandonment related issues, anger and rage
• Anxiety and stress, mood swings, low self-esteem, lack of confidence.
• Suicidal feelings and self-harm.
• Bereavement, trauma, abuse and mental health issues.
• POCD, OCD, and Identity issues.
• Emetophobia

I use an integrative approach, bringing different techniques and theories together to enable me to work with you in a creative and effective way in order to facilitate a healthy change in your life experience.