21st January 2019 

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If you have found your way to my website, my guess is that you are looking for an answer to an unresolved life issue, mid-life crisis, past events surfacing in your life, work issues, loss of direction-meaning in life, interpersonal & intrapersonal difficulties, addictions, depression, isolation. Do you feel empty and unable to cope with your everyday routine? It could also be due to a particular bereavement, redundancy or an end of a long term relationship. Do you catch yourself worrying unnecessarily and excessively about most things? Do you feel anxious or depressed and wonder what is happening in your life? Do you ask yourself “how am I going to come out of this?”

I can help you find the answers that make sense to you, whilst offering you a friendly, safe and confidential environment for you to explore different aspects of yourself. Therapy is not just about working with painful memories, or solving problems. It is a transformative process that can help you overcome obstacles and challenges, which are preventing you from achieving your full potential, both in your professional and personal life.